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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Photo Retouching Services - Photo Cut Out - Photo Clipping Path

You are receiving this email because we wish you to use our imaging editing services.

We are a team of specialists dealing with digital images retouching/editing located in Shanghai China. We offer a wide variety of image editing solutions under one roof. We provide all kinds of image editing solutions to different companies all over the world.

Besides that, our charges are very reasonable in comparison to other companies in the market.

Our Image Editing Services include:
 . Cut out/masking, clipping path, deep etching, transparent background
 . Colour correction, black and white, light and shadows etc.
 . Dust cleaning, spot cleaning
 . Beauty retouching, skin retouching, face retouching, body retouching
 . Fashion/Beauty Image Retouching
 . Product image Retouching
 . Jewellery image Retouching
 . Real estate image Retouching
 . Wedding & Event Album Design.
 . Restoration and repair old images
 . Vector Conversion
 . Portrait image Retouching

You can easily evaluate our services by sending a sample image for free test. Keep faith in our services to help us grow even further in future.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.

Thanks & Regards,
Jason Qin
QinTawanbest Imaging Professionals

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

SC centerless grinder Taiwan--- We calibrate our production process much more than our customers can think of

Dear Sirs:




Hi, there; this is Mr. Su from SC grinder com. Ltd; it's our pleasure to contact you


SC Grinder is the only one machine tool builder who only focus on the centerless grinder

Our centerless grinder includes SC-305(12" diameter of grinding wheel), SC-360(14" diameter of grinding wheel), SC-456(18" width of grinding wheel), SC-510(20" diameter of grinding wheel), We also have the servo motor type to control our regulating wheel

These products are SC-305S, SC-360S, SC-456S and SC-510S

You can check the attachment of a multiple step grinding in our servo motor type

centerless grinder via the in-feeding grinding system


Tolerance required

Roundness: Within 2 micron

Cylindricity: Within 4 micron


The following is our brief introduction just for your reference

It just takes you a few minutes to see who we are and what we can do for you


A: SC grinder company profile

   SC grinder was setup in 1982

Not only positioned our self as a blade supplier to the machine tool field, but also rebuild the used centerless grinders from the market (German, Japan and Taiwan brand)

We rename our company name to SC-Grinder to focus on the international market


B: Our Philosophy

To provide the best quality and reasonable price products to our esteemed customers
we do believe our products have the highest reputation quality with reasonable price can create the niche market for you

C: Stability & Accuracy control process

Stability and Accuracy are the most important issues is the manufacturing process

The following may explain why stability and accuracy of our machines are so high

1. Storage time of our Machine bed over 15 months before they are applied to the assembling line

2. Machine bed slide was hardened by the high frequency

3. V shape guide of the lower slide was harden by high frequency

4. Lower slide and upper slide all scrapped by our sophisticated technician

5. Spindle material of the grinding wheel is SNCM-439 alloy, the harden thickness is up to 3 mm to make sure the durability of our spindle is pretty long

6. Phosphorus brass alloy of the grinding wheel bearing to make sure the stability and accuracy of the spindle

7. Babbitt Alloy (Features: lubricating, durability, accuracy) of the regulating wheel to provide the Total enclosure of the regulating bearing instead of 3 pieces of metals just like the other manufactures

Please check our spindle trial run from the following YouTube hyperlink, your

 Excellency can see the tolerance is within 1 micron

8. The cylindricity of the dressing device is still within 1 micron

You may check the following hyperlink for reference

9. Grinding motor and pulley of each machine are calibrated together to make sure the dynamic balance is under control

10. Grinding class of reducing motor to make sure the stability and accuracy


D: The sales field

We have sold our machine to most of the South East Asia countries, China, Russia and Brazil. Now we are looking our global partner

Our customers includes the SU'S PRECISION TOOLS; O-TA Precision Industry. Punch Industry Co., Ltd…ETC

We do believe you are the one we are looking for


Should you need more information about SC GRINDER?

Please surf our website at

We are so sure about that you can find something that can fit your needs


We do believe we can create a win-win situation for both sides as long as we have come to a cooperation consensus

"Together we stand still, Divided we fall" this is what we treat our partners


Your prompt reply is highly appreciated


Su---SC Grinder Co., Ltd.







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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

PK Lathe Taiwan---The biggest and Best Quality Super Heavy Duty Lathe Manufacture (Cooperation wanted)

Hi, there


Good days.

This is Mr. Su--Internatioal Maketing Manager from PK Lathe Taiwan.


PK Lathe; the leader of the super heavy duty lathes manufacture in Taiwan who can supply you not just the slant bed lathe, but also the flat bed lathe,


Super Heavy Duty Lathe Manufacture


We can offer you the super heavy duty flat bed lathe,

For example

16000 mm in centers CNC Flat bed Lathe (single bed),

Swing over bed up to 4000 mm,

Spindle bore up to 1500 mm.


As long as you have any super heavy duty CNC lathe inquiry.

Definitely we can fulfill your need.


  You may check the following YouTobe hyperlink to see our Turret Lathe,

PK Lathe Technology

PK Lathe; as a highly reputed manufacture of heavy duty lathe; designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty for you to choose from.

At PK lathe, our engineers are dedicated to research and develop for purchasing the turning technology.

In addition, our highly skilled technicians pay special attention throughout each step of lathe manufacturing.

From parts machining and machine assembly to final running tests, each step is subject to rigorous quality control. So, no matter which model you select, your PK lathe will provide you unmatched performance, capacity and dependability.


Guaranteed Performance


All PK lathes feature heavy duty rigid design and construction for years of superior accuracy and trouble free performance.

Ruggedly constructed throughout assuring optimum stability; especially when duty lathe have own a good reputation in heavy duty cutting capability, stability and long-term accuracy; All these combined with PK lathe's tradition of rigorous quality , have established PK lathe as a leader in the field of heavy duty lathes.


Features of our Machines

1.      60° for SA series, 45° for SS series; slant bed construction to ensure maximum stability and convenient chip disposal.

2.      Power spindle motor; High torque output at low speed to provide excellent heavy duty machining.

3.      Fast tool change; in only less than one second.

4.      Programmable tail stock for convenient .machining.

5.      Fully enclosed splash guard to provide operational safety.

6.      Bed is made of Meehanite cast iron.

7.      High precision ball screw to assure backlash free transmission.

8.      Bed slide way are protected by telescopic guard.

9.      Bed slide way are hardened , precision ground and coated with Turcite-B.

10. Independent coolant system for spindle stock to ensure the working temperature stay in a stable range at high speed running.

11. Optical scale on X, Z axis to ensure high positioning accuracy.


Products series( Just for reference)

1.      Slant bed CNC lathe series

      Swing over bed: 700~1145 mm

Distance between centers: 700~5200 mm

Spindle bore: 5"~24"


2.      Flat bed CNC lathe series

      Swing over bed: 880~2040 mm

Distance between centers: 1500~12000

Spindle bore: 153~610 mm

Bed width: 560~1210 mm

3.      Conventional lathe series

      Swing over bed: 880~2540 mm

Distance between centers:1500~12000 mm

Spindle bore: 153~610 mm



We do have the capability to fulfill your need in the super heavy duty CNC Lathe (Flat bed and Slant bed)


Please check the attachment to see our simple products brochure


Sales Fields and Cooperation Model( OEM service; Welcom)


So far we are looking for agent around the world, we hope you are the right one we are looking for, not just being our agent for our cooperation model

We can even provide OEM service for you; WELCOME


We hope you could arrange your business call to our company to see who we are and what we can do for you in the near future; we may discuss our cooperation in person


Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us

It will be our pleasure to reply you soon


Kindest Regards


Mr. Su-----International Sales Manager PK Lathe machinery Co., Ltd





Kindest Regards



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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

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Monday, 24 October 2011

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